Texas Killing Fields (2011)

Premiere 31 Dec 2010 Italy | 105 min | Drama Thriller Crime Mystery History

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Souder, a homicide detective in a small Texan town, and his partner, transplanted New York City cop Detective Heigh, track a sadistic serial killer dumping his victims' mutilated bodies in a nearby marsh locals call 'The Killing Fields'. Though the swampland crime scenes are outside their jurisdiction, Detective Heigh is unable to turn his back on solving the gruesome murders. Despite his partner's warnings, he sets out to investigate the crimes. Before long, the killer changes the game and begins hunting the detectives, teasing them with possible clues at the crime scenes while always remaining one step ahead. When familiar local girl Ann goes missing, the detectives find themselves racing against time to catch the killer and save the young girl's life.
Texas Killing Fields
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