Julian Wells

| 20 Jun 1974 | San Francisco, California, USA

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Born in San Francisco, California and raised in the suburban town of Birmingham, Michigan. She attended Marian High School, an all-girls Catholic prep school. After graduating, she majored in drama at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and graduated in 1998. Her career started with commercials and bit parts on TV shows such as The Sopranos and Entourage. She also worked as a body double for stars such as Kim Cattrall, Kate Moss, and Ashley Judd. Between 2001 and 2010 she appeared in many B movies and soft erotic films, most notably for the New Jersey-based Seduction Cinema production company under the name Julian Wells. Afterward (and using the name Suzy McCoppin) she's covered nightlife for celebrity magazines such as Life & Style, In Touch, and served as an Los Angeles correspondent for British publications such as The Daily Mail, and The Sun. In 2008, she became a nightlife and sex columnist for Playboy Magazine, as well as a comedic online personality. She is a regular contributor on Playboy radio on Sirius. She has also written articles for pop culture website, Popdust and hosted the Under Cover With Suzy McCoppin podcast for twenty-three episodes through July 2014. In 2014, McCoppin and co-author Allison Swan wrote a book titled KissnTell, a work of fiction released digitally through publisher Full Fathom Five. The television rights to the book were purchased by E! with the intention of adapting it into a scripted television series.
Julian Wells
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