• Attended Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California (class of 1982).
  • Along with Dean Cain, Patrick Cassidy, Michael McKean, George Murdock, Richard Gant and Rob LaBelle, she is one of only seven actors to appear in both Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and Smallville (2001) and the only woman to do so.
  • Auditioned for the part of Jamie Buchman in Mad About You (1992), opposite Paul Reiser, which went to Helen Hunt.
  • In 2002, Hatcher was visiting her parents in her native Sunnyvale when she read about teenager Sarah Van Cleempunt who had committed suicide and left behind a note that said "You're probably thinking a normal teenager doesn't do this; well, ask Dick!" Dick was Richard Hayes Stone, Hatcher's uncle, who had been a trusted family friend of the Van Cleemputs and both families had vacationed together. Hatcher contacted prosecutors and with a tape recording running, Hatcher explained in detail how her uncle - the then-husband of her mother's sister - allegedly molested her in the late 1960s and early '70s when she was no more than 7. After prosecutors gave the defense a transcript of Hatcher's interview, Stone pleaded guilty Oct. 24, 2002, leaving no need for a trial nor a court appearance for Hatcher. His victim included another girl who has never been identified. Stone, then 64-years-old, pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation in the case of the 14-year-old victim and received 14 years in prison. Chuck Gillingham, the Santa Clara County deputy district attorney in California, said, "Without Teri, this case would have been dismissed."In an interview with Vanity Fair for their April 2006 edition, Hatcher revealed that at the time she talked to the authorities, she was afraid if her story came out in the tabloids, she would be seen as a has-been actress seeking publicity. "At the end of the day, there was no way I was not going to put this girl first, before whatever damage might be done to me," Hatcher told the magazine. "But my fear is far outweighed by what I know is my obligation to help other victims of sexual abuse to not feel alone."The perpetrator of the abuse, Richard Hayes Stone, died of colon cancer in prison in August 2008.
  • Named #1 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 1997".
  • Was a San Franciso 49ers cheerleader.
  • She and actor Steven Schub (lead singer of ska band The Fenwicks) were classmates at the American Conservatory Theater, and Annette Bening was their teacher.
  • Suffered an injury to her right eye when a lightbulb exploded on the Desperate Housewives (2004) set on April 25, 2006. Her cornea was scratched and she wore an eye patch, but she returned to work in a few days.
  • [2005] Chosed by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
  • She and Desperate Housewives (2004) co-star Marcia Cross both made guest appearances on Seinfeld (1989) as prospective girlfriends of Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Ranked #6 on Wizard magazine's "Sexiest Women of TV" list (March 2008).
  • Married actor Jon Tenney in New York City at FAO Schwarz. They spent their honeymoon night at the Four Seasons hotel. [May 1994]
  • In the mid-1990s, a photo of her wrapped in nothing but a red Superman cape famously became the most downloaded image on America Online.
  • Was captain of the Fremont High School Featherettes drill team.
  • Won two Awards at the British Glamour magazine's Women of the Year Awards in London, England, on June 7, 2005. She was named U.S. TV actress of the Year for her role as single mother Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives (2004), and also got the Editor's Special Award for her talent to combine motherhood and a career while looking glamorous at the same time.
  • Attended De Anza College for 2 1/2 years and dropped out when she landed the part of a mermaid on The Love Boat (1977).
  • First husband Markus Leithold said their marriage was over even before they got the wedding photos developed.
  • Named #10 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement (2006).
  • Filed for divorce from Jon Tenney, citing irreconcilable differences. According to the petition submitted in Los Angeles Superior Court, the couple have agreed to joint custody of their five-year-old daughter, Emerson Tenney (aka Emerson Rose Tenney). [February 2003]
  • Broke two ribs filming a scene for Desperate Housewives (2004), in which she stumbles into a wedding cake.
  • Loves fishing and enjoys playing golf. Has enjoyed fishing since before her teenage years.
  • Her father was of English, and some Irish, descent. Her maternal grandfather, Isbir K. Beshur, was Syrian, while her maternal grandmother, Sarah Ann Kolar, was of half Bohemian (Czech) and half Irish, ancestry. She stated on Inside the Actors Studio (1994) that she may be of 1/16th Choctaw Native American descent.
  • Has appeared in two completely different, unrelated productions in which she played a character who was targeted by assassination by a hit man played by Vincent Schiavelli: the television series MacGyver (1985) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).
  • Her inspirational autobiography, "Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life", was released in hardcover by publisher Hyperion on May 2, 2006, in the United States. The audio CD version of the book narrated by Teri Hatcher was released on the same date. The book deals with a woman's struggle of to juggle life through good times and bad.
  • Miss Hatcher is the only actress to date to have the distinction of portraying the love interests of both Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and of James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).
  • Along with Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria, Hatcher is one of the three stars to have appear in every episode of Desperate Housewives (2004).
  • Named #7 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement (2005).
  • Received the World Actress Award at the 2005 Women's World Awards in Leipzig, Germany.
  • Clairol has signed her to a multiyear contract to be the Nice 'N Easy hair color spokesperson. She will promote the brand across marketing vehicles, including television and print advertising, public relations, interactive, and in-store and direct-to-consumer initiatives. [September 16, 2005].
  • #3 of Sci-Fi's Sexy 50, by Femme Fatales magazine. [1997]
  • She has two roles in common with both Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates: (1) Neill played Lois Lane in Superman (1948), Atom Man vs. Superman (1950) and Adventures of Superman (1952), Coates played her in Superman and the Mole-Men (1951) and Adventures of Superman (1952) and Hatcher played her in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and (2) Neill played Lois' mother Ellen Lane in Superman (1978), Coates played her in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The House of Luthor (1994) and Hatcher played her in Smallville: Abandoned (2010).
  • Years after gaining fame as "Lois Lane" on TV's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993), she played Lois Lane's mother in the Smallville (2001) episode, Smallville: Abandoned (2010). In so doing, she became the third actress who previously played "Lois Lane" to later play Lane's mother. Phyllis Coates, who played "Lois Lane" on Adventures of Superman (1952), played Hatcher's Lois's mother on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993). Noel Neill, who played "Lois Lane" on Adventures of Superman (1952), played Lois's mother in the movie Superman (1978).
  • First person to win the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for a show that has not yet completed its first season.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 33, a daughter Emerson Rose Tenney (aka Emerson Tenney) on November 10, 1997. Child's father is her second husband, Jon Tenney.
  • The October 1996 issue of "Movieline" (US movie magazine) originally had a cover picture of her wearing nothing but rope wrapped around her. This proved too controversial and a second cover picture (her in a dress) was substituted.


  • What's good about talking about being victimized is that it is the beginning of being able to stop it.
  • My advice, be healthy, reach your own goals, and don't be afraid to impersonate an SNL star. (AOL 7/96)
  • [on turning 40] I feel more comfortable with myself now. I don't know if I feel sexier. I feel more whole.
  • [on her marriage to Jon Tenney] I was consumed with being a mom. I didn't think beyond that.
  • [on her audition for Desperate Housewives (2004)] I had to test, the whole rigmarole, but it was one of the greatest auditions I ever had. I left the building knowing I had this.
  • Despite the fact that I have a good-size pair of breasts ... in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993), I have the opportunity to show the world they're not my only attribute.
  • Let me just say that every cover of every magazine I've done has been airbrushed to death. No woman should walk around thinking that's what they should be. You shouldn't be beating yourself up.
  • [on her marriage breakup and lack of career prospects] I was in some deeply, deeply sad places. I wanted something to be solid for Emerson. When I was crying there, I was feeling I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage for much longer -- there was a lot of money that I'd had that I didn't have anymore. That was a low point.
  • I love clothes that when you put them on, you feel like you. I don't care whether anyone else likes them. (Woman's World magazine 1-31-06)


  • Natural brunette hair
  • Large brown eyes
  • Voluptuous figure
  • Lisp, breathless voice


  • Hatch

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