• Fully charged.
  • Stay Charged, Stay Alive!
  • He was dead... but he got better.


  • There is a scene where Chev Chelios attempts to shoot a man cowering on the floor, and when he pulls the trigger and finds the gun empty, utters the line "you lucky bastard!". The same scenario also appears in Snatch (2000), which also stars Jason Statham, only the antagonist in that scene is Vinnie Jones.
  • Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor shot 300 hours of footage in 30 days of filming.
  • The Concerned Man who is seen very briefly asking Chelios if he's okay is played by UFC mixed martial artist Keith Jardine. Jardine is wearing a shirt that says "MEAN 1". This is appropriate as Jardine's in-ring nickname is "The Dean Of Mean".
  • Danny Lohner: The man accompanying the owner of the shock collar that Chev Chelios steals is Danny Lohner, of Nine Inch Nails and various other industrial projects.
  • One of Corey Haim's final acting roles before his death on March 10, 2010 and also David Carradine's final acting roles before his death on June 3, 2009.
  • Amy Smart was previously in another film named High Voltage (1997) along with Antonio Sabato Jr.
  • The talkshow that young Chev and his mother Karen appears on mocks "The Jeremy Kyle Show".
  • Cameo: Stephen Graham, Jason Statham buddy in "Snatch" can be seen as a customer in the striptease bar where Chev finds Eve dancing. He seems to be wearing the same characteristic coat as in "Snatch".
  • While the theatrical release for the movie has no numeral in the title, the DVD and Blu-Ray releases both are entitled "Crank 2: High Voltage".
  • Maynard James Keenan: The man with the control to the electric shock collar is the lead singer of prog-metal band Tool.
  • Jason Statham is 5 years older than Geri Halliwell whom makes a cameo as Chev's mother Karen.
  • Mike Patton (of Faith No More) composed the original score.
  • Just before Chelios rips open the sidewalk electrical box, you can see the 5-star "Obey" logo popularized by Shepard Fairey, the artist who drew the emblematic "Hope" poster of Obama. Fairey got his artistic start with graffiti and by putting up stickers like Obey all over urban landscapes.
  • The artificial heart shown in the movie is actually a real artificial heart, the AbioCor from Abiomed. However the real artificial heart is totally internal and does not include a battery box as shown in the movie. The latest AbioCors can run on battery without recharging (done via external RF chargers) for over 4 hours.
  • In Cantonese, "Kaylo" is a slang term for a gay man.
  • When Chev breaks the battery pack to his artificial heart towards the beginning of the movie, the circuit board shown is from a USB hub.
  • Amy Smart previously played in a movie named High Voltage in '94 making this a second time.
  • The Honda Civic used in the backwards carpark spiral-driving has a vinyl wrap that replicates the Nissan Skyline R34, appearing in 2 Fast 2 Furious, driven by Brian O'Conner
  • In the scene where Chelios runs into a mob of porn stars, the "extras" in the movie are real porn stars. One of the stars most recognizable is Jenna Haze, but Peter North, Lexington Steele, and Ron Jeremy make an appearance as well.
  • Chester Bennington: The tattooed man Jason Statham rubs up against at the horse track is the lead singer for Linkin Park. He also appeared briefly in the original film as the guy in the hospital pharmacy who tells Chelios about the nasal spray.
  • Adult film star Ron Jeremy was not originally supposed to be in the porn actors strike in the film. He had assumed that the directors merely forgot to call him and showed up on set. As a result, all of his dialogue was improvised
  • A rather large organ can be seen on the pelvic x-ray near the beginning of the movie.


  • Continuity: When Chelios first calls Doc Miles, Doc's hand holding the phone switches from left to right repeatedly.