• Together forever. Or else.
  • Lie down with dogs, and you'll get up with fleas. Lie down with David, and you'll be lucky if you get up at all.
  • The attraction was obvious. The Danger wasn't.
  • With boyfriends like this, enemies are the last thing you need.
  • This fairy tale couldn't get much worse.
  • Attraction. Infatuation. Desire. Love. FEAR.
  • He's dying to date you
  • Together forever. Or else.
  • Guys like him don't grow on trees, or even swing on them. But he might just hang you from one.


  • Liv Tyler turned down the role of Nicole Walker.
  • In a 1993 draft of the screenplay, titled "No Fear", Nicole's mother was seen in flashbacks. Her name was given as "Melissa Nichols" (thus explaining the origin of Nicole's first name).
  • Movie was inspired by Bollywood movie Darr.
  • The rollercoaster featured in this movie is called "The Coaster". It is one of the biggest attractions at Playland, in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • During the movie, any time David or Nicole say, "I love you" to the other, the other never says it back.


  • Audio/visual unsynchronised: When David and his friends are about to invade the Walker house and Laura is opening the door, we hear David say to his friend "Terry, go out there and keep a watch." But his mouth says something different.