• Choose wisely.
  • Ghosts never die
  • His Darkest Hour.


  • 50 Cent is an executive producer.
  • First Starz series to reach five seasons.
  • The most watched show on Starz with the second season finale scoring 4.42 million viewers.
  • The season three debut became the most watched episode of any Starz original series ever. The orginal title was previously held by season two of Outlander.
  • The theme song heard at the beginning of each episode, "Big Rich Town," is a collaboration between 50 Cent and platinum R&B singer Joe. The two have collaborated on a number of songs in the past.
  • The producers of the show asked for season 4 to be 12-episode long, since the storylines were getting large, but Starz refused.
  • Two days after the season three debut, Power was renewed for seasons 4 and 5.
  • All the principal cast, including 50 Cent, had to sign a nudity clause as a part of their contracts, meaning that they would not object if they had to perform nude at some point during the series.
  • When Ghost as Jamie St. Patrick gets nervous, tense, or anxious, he fiddles with the tie, shirt, coat, and clothes that he is wearing. When Jamie as Ghost gets nervous, tense, or anxious, he stands still and displays a cold, hard intense stare that includes his eyes slowly moving back and forth, up and down. These character tics occur in every episode.