Premiere 10 Oct 2014 | TV Series (2014-2014) | 45 min | Drama Comedy | 1 seasons

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Victoria, Isabella, Sara, and Julieta are four friends, young, beautiful, free and totally uninhibited. Among other things, they share a taste for partying, dancing and sex. Their work as models brings them together, and so does their desire for a good time. After Vicky arrives from Argentina, the four girls agree that there will be only one rule during their time together: absolutely anything goes. Over the course of ten episodes, we'll accompany them as they delight in sex without limits or prejudice. We'll witness casual as well as virtual encounters, in pairs, threesomes and all alone. These women are always willing to explore new possibilities, finding their pleasure in bars, discos, indoors, outdoors or in the car, because anywhere at all is the right place for sex and a wild good time. Welcome to the world of Roommates.
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