Schoolgirls Growing Up (1972)

Premiere 31 Jan 1972 Austria | Schulmädchen-Report 3. Teil - Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen | 97 min | Drama Romance Comedy

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A contemporary sexual education guide has been published by the Christian Young Men's Association of Hamburg to help boys and girls understand and enjoy a healthy sex life. But the question is, can young people of today act responsibly when granted this kind of freedom?

Scene 1: 14 year-old Edith Grossmann (Sonja Spitzweg) is being gang-raped in the girls' restroom when the school janitor walks in. She soon discovers that it was all a set-up to blackmail her into prostitution. Only when she attempts suicide does the lurid business come to light, resulting in the janitor's arrest.

Scene 2: Teacher Johannes Holbach uses 'unorthodox' methods to engage his pupils' interest -- leading to the seduction of two dozen girls. When he's exposed, his victims, including 16 year-old Gisela Mohndorf and Micki Henkels (Birgit Tetzlaff), are reluctant to testify. Nevertheless, he gets nearly 6 years.

Scene 3: 14 year-old Ingrid (Manuela Widman) watches her older sister Hilde have sex, which awakens her ...
Schoolgirls Growing Up
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