Preview for Sexy Mermaids upto 2023

Six Sexy Mermaids

With the latest The Little Mermaid streaming on Disney+ and people catching up on one of this year's more popular film releases, I wanted to shine a light on sexier mermaids. Halle Bailey is super sexy, but she doesn't go nude because she is under Disney's strict family-friendly guidelines. As gorgeous as she is, there are so many other mermaids in TV shows and films that DO go nude.

In a lot of mermaid-based lore, mermaids are topless. They have full, human breasts and they do not always wear the latest seashell fashions to cover up their human hooters. That means that we all get to see some real deep-sea treasure! Do you want to see nude mermaids without their seashell bras? Let's see what pearls are beneath their sheaths with these six sexy mermaids who are all wet.

Bruna Trindade in Heterônimo

This 2016 short film from Brazil is filled with passion and strange plot twists when a mermaid goes for a topless swim. Bruna is the beautiful babe at the center of the film whose mermaid costume shines and shimmers. Her fins glisten on screen so gorgeously that they almost take the spotlight away from her suck sacks - almost.

Isabelle Pasco in Undine

This 90s film from Germany is a magical romp through the sea. Love, lust, and fish scales take center stage when we see a forbidden love between a man and a mermaid. This allegorical fairy tale has plenty of sex and nudity, too. Isabelle looks like the quintessential mermaid with her long locks and topless tits. Luckily, she keeps her hair out of the way so we can see her breasts!

Julia Brendler in Sawdust Tales

A mermaid in a Turkish circus? Yes, you read that right. This film introduces Julia Brendler as the stunning mermaid who is brought out of the sea and into the three-ring circus. A mortal man falls head over fins in love with her which brings the drama in an otherwise fun and flirty film.

Marta Mazurek in The Lure

This Polish horror-comedy can be downright shocking at times. Agnieszka Smoczynska directed this examination of two mermaid sisters in Warsaw who started working for a cabaret theater. One of the sisters wants to be a human, walking about the streets just like Ariel dreamed. She looks for love while the other sister...wants to eat the humans. I know, I know. It's odd, but it also draws from some of the more horrifying mermaid legends of yore.

Mermaids trade their fins for legs in scenes that are wild to watch. The mermaid sisters go topless a lot and are played by Michalina Olszanska and Marta Mazurek. The Lure features quite a few sexy and naked ladies - both human and of the sea.


Rya Kihlstedt in She Creature

The She Creature in this movie is a nefarious mermaid who is out to destroy those who enter her seats. Half-fish, half-gorgeous redheaded nymph Rya plays the TITular creature and she dons the costume well. By "the costume" I mean being topless!


Daryl Hannah in Splash

Daryl begins as a mermaid, but she gets to walk among the living when she is magically - and temporarily - granted legs. It's as if The Little Mermaid was a modern comedy set in the 80s with a hot blonde babe. She is without her fins, but we get to see her long shapely legs and her perky peach.

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