Preview for Top 10 Nude and Hot Australian Actresses!

We are celebrating Australia Day 2021 by checking out what’s “Down Under” our favorite Aussie celebs’ clothes! From Oscar nominees like Toni Collette and Margot Robbie, to breakout TV sensations like Phoebe Tonkin and Bella Heathcote, these ten ladies might be the hottest Australian exports of all time! So whether it’s Australia Day or just a regular day, these Saucy Aussies will have you crying out, “Crikey! What a beauty!”

10 : Bella Heathcote

Melbourne native Bella Heathcote took the world by storm in the early 2010s with her ethereal good looks and beautiful body! Though she’s doffed her duds a number of times on film, our favorite has to be her second season sex scene from the CBS All Access series Strange Angel! Bella Heathcote bares boobs and buns in this well lit sex scene with an older guy!

9 : Phoebe Tonkin

Born in Sydney in 1989, Phoebe Tonkin is one saucy Aussie we can’t get enough of! Following her breakout role as a teen star on the mermaid series H2O: Just Add Water, Phoebe Tonkin broke out of her clothes when she joined Showtime’s The Affair for its fourth season! Ms. Tonkin shows her honkin’ hooters when she strips for star Joshua Jackson in episode five!

8 : Ruby Rose

Although she has spent her career as a model and actress cultivating an almost androgynous look, Ruby Rose is as brilliantly gorgeous as both red items whose name she bears! The lithe and lovely lady may be best known for playing the title role on the hit CW series Batwoman, but we’ll never forget her terrific T&A in the prison shower on season three of Orange is the New Black! Talk about a look that never goes out of fashion!

7 : Toni Collette

Oscar nominee Toni Collette began her career as one of the most acclaimed actresses around and nearly thirty years later, she’s even more esteemed! The tony Ms. Collette has over twenty nude scenes to her name, but it’s hard to top her sacre-licious fully shaved full frontal scene in 1999's 8½ Women! Dressed as a nun and surrounded by candles, Toni’s hard wood floor shines through the darkness!

6 : Elle Macpherson

After gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for three consecutive years in the late 80s, Elle Macpherson became a household name! It was 1994's Australian flick Sirens, however, that confirmed how absolutely heavenly Elle’s body was when it wasn’t sporting a swimsuit! 25 minutes in, Elle makes a nude debut for the ages, baring all to go skinny dipping with busty co-star Kate Fischer!

5 : Abbie Cornish

Few actresses are more game than Abbie Cornish, who has carved out a sexy path in both Hollywood and her native Australia! From blockbuster flicks to independent hits, Abbie’s never been shy about showing her tits! Abbie revealed her sweet teats in the 2006 addiction drama Candy alongside fellow Aussie Heath Ledger! Just 7 minutes in, Heath helps Abbie out of her bra before stumbling out of frame with her into the bedroom!

4 : Samara Weaving

As the niece of another Australian acting legend (The Matrix’s Hugo Weaving) Samara Weaving seemed destined for stardom! The smoking hot Adelaide native might get mistaken for fellow Aussie Margot Robbie, but Samara’s beaten her own path to stardom thanks to her substantial talents! 2020's Last Moment of Clarity brought Samara’s topless debut, with the blonde beauty baring terrific T&A in one of four nude scenes!

3 : Yvonne Strahovski

Though she spells her Polish last name phonetically, Yvonne Strahovski might still get you all tongue tied! The down under hottie exploded in her scene stealing role on the NBC sitcom Chuck, before becoming a big screen femme fatale for the ages! It may have felt like a long wait for Yvonne’s nude debut, but when it came just 27 minutes into 2016's Manhattan Night, the ecstasy was second to none! Ms. Strahovski will make you jack-off-ski!

2 : Emily Browning

Starting as a child actor is never easy, but Emily Browning made the transition from child star to adult stunner with great ease! In 2011, at the age of 23, Emily turned heads as the lead in Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch before knocking us all out with her nude debut in the same year’s Sleeping Beauty! Though she’s been nude a bunch since then, you never forget your first time… seeing Emily nude!

1 : Margot Robbie

Who else could be the number one babe from down under than the biggest sensation of the last decade, Margot Robbie?! While she has since become a household name thanks to playing Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, and Sharon Tate, it was her breakout role in 2013's The Wolf of Wall Street that launched her into the stratosphere! Just before the one hour mark, Margot stuns Leo and the rest of us by showing off some incredible fully shaved full frontal! Ms. Robbie’s been making us throbbie ever since!

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