Suzi Simpson

| 16 Nov 1968 | Athens, Greece

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Gorgeous, buxom and voluptuous blonde knockout Suzi Simpson was born Susan Athena Simpson on November 16, 1968 in Athens, Greece. Her father was a Navy officer and her mother was a flight attendant. The eldest of four children, Simpson has two brothers and one sister. She has lived in such coastal areas as Maine, Florida, and California. A Roman Catholic, Suzi attended the all-girl St. Mary's Academy high school. In 1983 Simpson was voted the Homecoming Queen of Virginia Military Institute. In 1984 she won the Miss District of Columbia Teen USA Pageant. Suzi began modeling to raise money to go to dental school. She appeared in a TV commercial for Pepsi with Michael Jackson and was featured in the music video for "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith. Simpson was the Playmate of the Month in the January, 1992 issue of "Playboy." Suzi has appeared in several "Playboy" videos. Her most prominent film role was as federal agent Becky Midnite in the enjoyably lowbrow straight-to-video action picture "Enemy Gold." Suzi Simpson not only made a guest appearance on an episode of "Married with Children," but has also popped up in small parts in such movies as "St. Elmo's Fire," "Men at Work," "Red Surf," and "Rock Star."
Suzi Simpson
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