RARE EURO VERSION: This scene was considered missing for decades. Even from the French versions. La Bardot stands at the foot of a desk, and hikes up her skirt to reveal her fetching French derriere to Jean Gabin. (43 secs) Scene Description: The scene opens in a classic black and white film setting, adding a timeless charm to the atmosphere. Brigitte Bardot, portraying a seductive and daring character, finds herself in an office space. The room is dimly lit, casting subtle shadows on the vintage furniture and decor. Bardot, dressed in an alluring ensemble that includes a garter belt, adds an element of sensuality to the scene. As she moves gracefully around the office, her attire hints at a blend of sophistication and allure. The foreign language spoken adds an air of mystery, enhancing the intrigue of the moment. With a mischievous smile, Bardot playfully lifts her dress, revealing a glimpse of her nude silhouette. The camera captures the timeless beauty of the actress in this sultry and intimate setting. The use of a lift dress accentuates the teasing nature of the character's seduction. In the background, the hum of an antique office lift contributes to the ambiance, creating a sense of privacy and secrecy. The entire scene is carefully choreographed to highlight Bardot's captivating presence and the undeniable charisma she brings to the character. The seduction unfolds as Bardot skillfully entices a man within the office space. Her character exudes confidence and allure, making the scene a captivating blend of classic cinema aesthetics and timeless sensuality. The scene masterfully showcases Brigitte Bardot's iconic beauty and her ability to command attention on the silver screen.


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